Reporte de Accesibilidad para INM de Colombia

Reportante: INM Communications Area,
November 13, 2020

Evaluation Commissioner: INM Webmaster

Summary of the evaluation findings

Scope of the evaluation

Website name INM de Colombia
Scope of the website All web content of the public website of Example Org. located at
WCAG Version WCAG 2.1
Conformance target Level AA
Additional evaluation requirements
Accessibility support baseline We’ve added a toolbar that allows you to configure:
Resize font (increase / decrease)
Negative contrast
High contrast
Light background
Underline links
Readable font
Link to «Site Map / Comments / Help Pages»
Accessibility features:
Activate «Skip to content»
Add outline focus for focusable elements
Remove the target attribute from links
Add brand profiles to all links
Customizer for style settings
Text to speech engine to be compliant with WCAG specifications.
Relied upon technologies

    • HTML5

    • CSS

    • ECMAScript 3

    • ECMAScript 5

    • DOM

    • SVG

Overview of audit results

Results of Level AA
Principle Level AA
Total 9 / 10

Sample of audited web pages

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