Instituto Nacional de Metrología de Colombia - INM

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Founded in 2011 as one of the fundamental pillars of the National Quality Subsystem (SICAL, for the Spanish acronym), the objective of the INM is to permanently and effectively position the country in international markets, to favor the advancement of the production of high value-added goods, and to improve national competitiveness, thereby striving for a national productivity apparatus that has the capacity to perform processes that are compliant with accurate methods of quality assurance.

The principal function of the INM is to act as the articulating body and executor of scientific and industrial metrology in the country.  Similarly, the INM establishes, retains, and safeguards national measurement standards corresponding to physical and chemical quantities.    

The INM is a member of the Inter-American Metrology System (SIM), an active member of the BIPM, and, since 2013, a signatory of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM-MRA) for national measurement standards.

In just four years of formal existence, the INM has achieved recognition as a full member of the BIPM, in addition to having begun publishing its Calibration & Measurement Capabilities (CMC).  It holds as its vision to be, by 2020, the leading research, development, and innovation center in the field of Metrology in Colombia, with international projection and recognition of measurement capability, while acting with social responsibility.
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