6th CCM International Conference on Pressure and Vacuum Metrology
•    Primary  standards  for  low,  medium  and  high   pressure (including dynamic pressure)
•    Primary  standards  and  traceability  for  partial  pressures  and leak rates
•    Physical and material properties and phenomena relevant to vacuum and pressure metrology
•    Secondary and transfer standards and innovative and advanced sensors and gauges
•    Secondary and transfer standards for low gas flows (leak  rates)   
•    New  approaches  on  accurate  total  and  partial  pressure  measurement (e.g. optical methods)
•    Comparisons of vacuum and pressure standards and very  low gas flows (leak rates) at the international level (registered by the BIPM)
•    Traceability, dissemination, calibration and accreditation of vacuum and pressure measurements
•    Challenging applications for most accurate pressure and vacuum measurements
5th IMEKO TC16 International Conference
•    National secondary standards for low, medium and high  pressure (including dynamic pressure)    
•    Provision of measurement standards in newly developing  economies   
•    Comparisons of vacuum and pressure standards and very low gas flows (leak rates) at the national or international level (not registered by the BIPM)    
•    Pressure and vacuum sensors for industry     
•    Partial pressure measurement     
•    Standardization of pressure and vacuum technology    
•    New approaches, techniques and instrumentation for accurate pressure calibration   
•    Challenges of pressure and vacuum measurement for research and industrial applications